Our Values

At EZ Education we’ve made it our business to understand how children learn as individuals. Technology has provided us with an unique opportunity to deliver individualised learning programs. We are applying our know-how to provide affordable personalised learning solutions for parents and schools.

From establishing that we wanted to build a system that supplemented teaching rather than replaced existing provision, we then considered how children learn best. This led us to develop our four core beliefs that were fundamental to the development of our learning systems:

     1. Children learn best when the work is tailored to their individual needs.
     2. Children learn best through doing, experimenting and trying things for themselves.
     3. Children often forget what they have learnt unless they are regularly reminded.
     4. Children don’t always make the right choices when it comes to their learning.

We want to produce outstanding resources that children will want to use time and again and that integrate seamlessly into the modern classroom. Our vision is of children learning through the best of whole class teaching, supplemented by as much personalised learning as is required. All of us at EZ Education are passionate about developing innovative ways which enable children to reach their potential.